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Helen asks…

Do you think I’m slim enough to model?

I’m 15 years old, 5’9 and I weigh 110lbs, (50kgs)
Thanks for answering! ♥

Jane answers:

No. I think you’re TOO slim to model. Sure they’re supposed to resemble coat hangers and show off the clothes, but you weigh exactly the same as I do, me being 5’4″, and people always tell me I’m thin!

You do have the stature agencies are looking for, but in more recent years they’re getting strict about weight and trying to get more average weight girls to model because it’s a bad influence on young girls to see a stick walking the cat walk. Then they think they should look like that and that’s how self esteem issues and eating disorders pop up.

They also look for a good attitude and someone that can adapt to different situations, for example, they do the modeling of winter coats in the extreme heat of summer, and the complete opposite, modeling swimwear in the winter months, or very cold weather. So if you complain and say you don’t want to do that, they’re not going to want you for a model.

I’d try to get your weight more on the healthy side though. Maybe 5 or 10 pounds more (although you need much more than that), and you’ll still retain that statuesque look.

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Susan asks…

Raulph Lauren Swimwear.. Is it meant to swim in?

So today my friend bought a Raulph Lauren bathing suit that cost $103. Well later today our other friend told her that Bathing suits that expensive aren’t meant to be swam in. Just wondering if thats true?
She bought it at Belks

Jane answers:

It depends. Like if the swimsuit is a bikini and the part linking the two cups is really thin and flimsy, then it most definitely isn’t meant to be swam in. But if the suit cost 103 dollars because of a new slimming technology within the suit then yes, it’s most definitely made to swim in.

Betty asks…

could I be a model, runway or swimwear?

I’m interested in modelling either runway or swimwear. I’m 5 ft 7.5,which is shorter than your average runway model, but is it too short? swimwear and lingerie is slightly more lenient with height but would I be able to model for a company like Victoria’s secret? I weigh 112lbs ( its just been Christmas and well….I like to enjoy Christmas so hopefully I can return to 110) with measurements of 34 23 34 and 33in inside leg, which again could be short for runway modelling.
I wear a 34B bra as well

Jane answers:

Its got nothing to do with your measurements really , you need the face , body and modelling ability. You need to be able to hold yourself in front of the camera or have a good walk for the run way. Body shape and size depends on what area of modelling you want to do also. If you want to do high fashion , you need to be super skinny with a small chest . If you want to do sports swimwear you need a lean body and if you want ot do more commercial body you need to be slim with a good body and medium to small chest. Think about how your body would fit into different industries within modelling and go for it

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