Your Questions Regarding Slimming Swimsuits

Laura asks…

what kind of swimsuit would i look best in?

I’m not fat or anything, just a little chubby. It’s my inner thighs that are the problem. I’m going on vacation in two weeks and I have to buy a swimsuit for it, what would be best for me to hide it or make my inner thighs look slimmer? Oh yeah, if I exercise more than usual for two weeks and eat healthy, will it make a difference? Thanks!! (I’m 16, 117 pounds, 5’3)

Jane answers:

Suits with detailing on top or at the waist will draw the eye up.; Straight and high necklines visually broaden the shoulders to balance out proportions. Wear a paler shade on top with a darker bottom. Sheaths and skirted suits also work to cover trouble spots.


Susan asks…

Guys only, would u find a guy in a tight lycra leotard or swimsuit sexy?

If the guy was a slim 19yr old white guy.

Jane answers:

Sure. Heck, Justin Timberlake can ROCK a tight leotard:

Mandy asks…

how do you get slimmer thighs?

Its swimsuit season, and i really would like to get rid of all the inner thigh fat. any ideas?

Jane answers:

Go into a ballet second postition(with your feet spread about 2 1/2 ft). Plie down into a squat (haha, it’s kind of an awkward sumo wrestler position but whatever). Then,raise your heels. Do this 10 times and hold with your heels raised for 10 seconds everyyyy night. It will hurt like hell the first week you do it, but it helps so much and you build some serious inner thigh MUSCLE without getting man legs.

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