Your Questions Regarding Slimming Body Wraps

Sandra asks…

Do bodywraps really work to slim and tone? Even just temporarily?

I only need it to work for 2 days or so.

Jane answers:

Body wraps reduce water retention. You sweat out the excess water in your body. You do not get more muscle tone. You may look slimmer for a day or so. Good luck

Mandy asks…

does anyone work for a spa or may know the answer about body wraps….?

do they really work? i just want to get rid of some tummy jiggle… people who have tried it or people who actually know about it please

Jane answers:

I had a wrap a few years ago. I’m rather slim to begin with
5’4 and about 116
I was a bit thinner when I had the wrap.
It’s more of a quik fix type of thing and primarily gets rid of ‘water weight’
I think the one I had was called the slim wrap and basically what they did was wrap me(tightly) in these warm awful smelling clothes that were soaked in ??? I then put on a sauna sweat suite and worked out for about a half hour. When I removed suite there was a bunch of ‘water’? In it and when clothes were removed I did look a bit firmer.
As said this is more of a quik fix and the results did not last. For that you must work out and adhere to a diet

Betty asks…

How Can I Slim My Arms?

so prom season is upon us and all the dresses i seem to like are either strapless or sleeveless

im not skinny im actually pretty chubby but im not worried about my torso area i was wondering if it was possible to just slim/tone down my arms or will i need to go on a full on diet to do this

can i accomplish this with like one of those shake weight things or idk any ideas? any answers? any suggestions? they’d help thank chuu <3

Jane answers:

Yes. It is very possible. You can use the body wraps from bodyapplicatorwraps. It tightens, tones and firms a sagging and slackening skin that can be found in your arms. You’ll get slimmer arms in your Prom day.

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