Your Questions Regarding Slimming Bathing Suits

Jenny asks…

bathing suit for chubby person?

Jane answers:

I just got this great little book from the library the other day. Its called ‘how not to look fat’. There are great tips in there for a fuller figure body. The author suggests a halter top bikini if you can pull one off, or a tankini. If that’s too revealing.try to find a full piece suit that has a little cut out under your would be like a hole just underneith where your cleavage comes together. It doesnt show your boobs but shows off some of the definition between your boobs and belly. If you inherited a large butt like me from your mother, go with something that has a skirt attached..its slimming and doesnt put your butt right out there. Any suit with a v-shaped downward from the bust pattern is also flattering. Dont forget all the fabulous raps they have on the market now, they really add to the look without revealing too much on the side of the pool. Hope this helps!

Lizzie asks…

Slimming Apparel? PLEASE HELP! ?

Now what i have isnt a corset, its just something that you step into and it pulls up over you mid area and thighs. it’s supposed to slim you.
1) what is this called?
2) it keeps sliding or rolling down, how would i go along keeping it up?

Jane answers:

I have one that is like a bathing suit and it stays on well. I think they call it shape wear. Maybe you could pin some straps to it. I’m not sure.

Sandra asks…

Bathing Suit Issues…?

Hi everyone! So my friend’s swimming party is next week, & I have to wear a bathing suit. The last time I was comfortable was when I weighed 92 pounds 4 years ago. Now I weigh 140 (5’8″) and am DREADING finding a suit. So does anyone have suggestions for a bathing suit to get? I have fairly slender arms, B cup, a large stomach, medium butt, huge hips & thighs, really long legs. HELP ME!!!!!!
My idea was to just wear a cami & soffees over my bathing suit, then take the cami off when I get in the pool, but have a towel right by the edge so I can wrap up in it when I get out. And 90% of the people there are MUCH skinnier than me, so I’ll feel like a walrus. Lol

Jane answers:

Sounds like you have the figure of a real woman with curves which is something to be proud of. There are many different styles of bikinis and swimming costumes but like the other lady said, Tankinis are a very good idea if you are uncomfortable with your body. Black is always a good colour to wear as it has a slimming effect. If you are a little large around the stomach I would advise against wearing white. From personal experience I always look bigger in white.

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