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Betty asks…

what exactly is cardio exercise? i know its heart but what exactly is it?

What are some cardiovascular exercises? like running or what? i need to slim down to 7% body fat im at around 14% what do i need to do? what exercises and how many times a day? and exactly what should i eat?

Jane answers:

“Cardio” is an aerobic activity that elevates and sustains the heart rate to 80% of max for the purpose of improving cardio-vascular fitness. Hence, the name “cardio”. “Cardio” is not about building endurance or burning fat. And, though it could be used for both improving endurance and burning fat, there are better ways to accomplish those objectives.

It makes no sense to do “cardio” to burn fat because we can always eat more calories than we can burn. And, in your case, you’ll want to emphasize anaerobic exercise as you approach 10% body fat and deemphasize aerobic exercise as it will increase the probability of muscle loss. When it comes to fat loss, diet always trumps exercise. Check out the following fitness facts.

• If you consume fewer calories than you burn, you have to lose fat eventually. There are no exceptions to this fact.

• A pound of fat will yield about 3500 calories (Kcal) of energy.

• An average person must run or walk about 5 miles (8 km) every day to burn one pound of fat per week BUT THEIR DIET MUST ALLOW IT.

• An average person must run or walk about 350 miles (563 km) to burn 10 pounds BUT THEIR DIET MUST ALLOW IT. If they walk 350 miles (13.4 marathons) at 3mph it will take them 117 hours or about three full 40 hour work weeks to burn 10 pounds of fat.

• If an average person consumes 500 calories per day less than they burn, they will lose about a pound a week with no extra time or physical effort required.

•Running does not burn any more fat than walking as long as the distance remains the same.

• It does not matter if a person runs or walks a given distance…they will burn the same number of calories. Calories are energy and energy expenditure is not time dependent. How fast a person runs has nothing to do with how many calories they burn. Only the distance determines the calories burned.

• It doesn’t matter how hard or how long you exercise, you will not lose any fat if you eat too much. You can always eat more calories than you can burn.

Exercise is hard work. For that reason it’s important to plan exercise to accomplish specific goals such as excellence in a sport or occupation, strength, endurance, flexibility, systemic fitness, general health and well being, body sculpting, body awareness, coordination, poise and comportment, balance, body composition, mental acuity, etc. Without goals it is not possible to measure success and without success, it is difficult to maintain the hard work of exercise indefinitely. Small successes lead to big successes. Therefore, all fat loss programs should begin with a proper dietary regimen. And, then the exercise regimen can be fine tuned to meet the desired goals. Whatever extra body fat calories are burned are just an extra side benefit but should not be a primary goal.

For these reasons, an optimal health improvement plan should begin with diet first and then involve both aerobic and anaerobic activities as is desirable to meet specific fitness goals. The idea that one must just run or do “cardio” to burn fat is misguided and not the most effective approach to fitness.

You’re going to have problems getting to 7% body fat because that’s a very low level which is well below the norm. You may have to use exotic fat loss techniques such as carb cycling as you approach your goal.

Check out these two articles.

Good luck and good health!!

PS: Here are some good website you may find useful.

Jenny asks…

How do I lose weight super fast?

I really want lose 5 pounds before school starts, which is in about two weeks. I want a flat stomach and a thigh gap. I’m at a normal weight from my height and age but I want to slim down just a bit more. I’ve lost over 10 pounds in the last two months, but I wasn’t trying to. But I really need to lose this weight FAST. I’ll do any exercise and eat anything healthy!

Jane answers:

I lost 80 pounds do this in 3 months.. Eat apples. Here are some helpful tips.

Apples are known to keep the doctor away, but recent studies have shown that three apples a day can also help you lose weight. The effectiveness of three apples a day was first noticed by dietitian Tammi Flynn who advised her clients to have an apple at mealtimes. This enabled her clients to break the weight loss plateau even when their diet and lifestyle wasn’t changed.

Why Whole Fruit is Better
Apples are a good source of vitamins, minerals and fiber and they are low in fat, sodium and calories. They can make you feel full for longer as the fiber they contain expands in the stomach. Hence, you require less food to satisfy your hunger. Apples should therefore be eaten just before every meal. The fiber is contained in the skin so you should ensure that you always eat unpeeled apples for greater health benefits.

Advantages of Eating Apples
Apples contain high levels of antioxidants and minerals, and low levels of sodium. Thus, they help prevent water retention in the body. They also help to detoxify the body by flushing out excess water from the body. Most importantly, apples are low on the hypoglycemic index. This means that consuming apples doesn’t increase your blood sugar. Instead, apples help to keep your blood sugar levels under control. Apples are also good for the heart as they contain high concentrations of pectin. Pectin keeps blood cholesterol under control by drawing the cholesterol out of the blood stream. Apples and apple sauce have been associated with better lung function and apple extracts have also been known to reduce the growth rate of breast cancer, but it’s best, in general, to eat apples in their raw form.

It’s better to eat the fruit rather than drink the juice or have apple sauce because the juice and the sauce don’t contain as much fiber, vitamins or minerals as the fruit. Juices and sauces also contain added sugar and preservatives, and are more harmful than beneficial for your health. You must ensure that you rinse apples with water before eating them, as supermarkets generally wax apples to make them look attractive.

Here are some tips to losing weight:
If you want to lose weight and keep the weight off, it’s not enough to reduce your diet. You’ll have to exercise as well. If you’re not used to exercise, start by walking for 30 minutes a day, then if you can manage that, gradually increase the time and your speed.

Give up drinking alcohol.

Avoid diet drinks such as Diet Coke and Diet 7up. They have no calories, but they taste as if they do, so your body will become confused. Drink mineral water when you are thirsty, with a little orange juice or apple juice added if you don’t like the taste or water.

Eat lots of vegetables with protein every day and reduce the amount of meat you eat.

Carol asks…

What’s a good, healthy way for me to lose 10-15 pounds?

I work and go to school, or I’d be hitting the gym all of the time. I just need some good pointers on what I can do to slim down. Thanks!

Jane answers:

Here are the main targets and goals to losing weight
– Exercise: You need to exercise at least 1 hour a day to burn off the calories you ate to see results
– Weigh yourself: Don’t weigh yourself randomly. Weigh yourself at a specific day and time every week. For example: You could weigh yourself at Friday at 8:00am BUT KEEP IT THE SAME EACH WEEK or your weight will mess up and it won’t be correct
– Drink – Yes, drink fluids! Drink healthy fluids. Don’t have too much Gatorade. Gatorade is around 80 calories in each bottle and it just adds up unnecessary calories when you could be having 0 calories of water instead
– Rest: Sleep for at least 8 hours a day so you are well rested.
– Don’t obsess: Don’t obsess! Don’t go too crazy about this. Eat around 1,200 calories a day NO MATTER WHAT. If you don’t your body will go into a thing called “starvation mode” and it will mess up your metabolism.
Some good exercises:
Jump rope, swimming, elliptical, walking the dog, stair climbing, pilates, crunches, push-ups, etc…
STAY AWAY FROM JUNK FOOD AND SODA (as stated above). Replace cravings of junk food with vegetables and/or fruits. Fruits and veggies have little calories but can fill you up for a few hours!
And may I suggest the following website:

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