Your Questions About 3 Day Slimdown

Sandy asks…

Has anyone here ever done the 6 day slimdown from the Hip Hop Abs series?

If so, does it work? Did you lose 3 inches in the first 6 days? What is the 6 day slimdown exactly? I’m thinking of ordering it…
Well, I’m in pretty good shape…I exercise daily I just want to know what this 6 day slimdown thing is because I would like to just quickly get rid of some belly fat I have.

Jane answers:

Some people may lose 3 inches in 6 days and some may not. It depends on the person. It actually says that you can lose UP TO 3″ in the first 6 days. People’s results vary. Hip Hop Abs is an excellent program though. I lost 22 lbs & 25″ in 7-8 weeks using a combination of Hip Hop Abs & Rockin Body. The basic Hip Hop Abs is good to start with, but if you’re looking for something a little more intense, you might want to consider Rockin Body instead. If you’d like to see the 6-Day Slim down plan before you decide whether or not to order the program, please send me your email address and I can email the plan to you (it’s a 6 page Word document). I’m an independent coach for Beachbody, so I’d be happy to answer any questions you have about the program.

Laura asks…

Does milk help you slimdown and make you grow?

I heard that milk has acids after it has been in your stomach for awhile and shud burn the food you eat.

I like milk alot and because at some point I believe that it helps me stay skinny and make me grow.

It seems true to me and I see results

But Im not sure if i am being paranoid. body seems to be lessy flabby and more tight when I drink milk?

Im 15 Male

Can someone help me solve my doubts and paranoid-ness and question?

I also workout twice a week on ORBITREK..and I feel acids in my stomach which my teacher sed is muscle acids coming out of my body.

I eat 3 times a day amd healthy all the time

Do I have a healthy lifestyle?

Jane answers:

Skim milk is the best

Sharon asks…

(: What weight do YOU think I’d look best at..?.. (video!) I’ll pick best answerrr.?
^ My measurements are in the info box.
I’m 14. 5′3” and 120 pounds.

What would my frame look best at?(100..105..110..115..120)
What is my frame size (small, medium)?
If it’s true, I should be a medium since my fingers touch around my wrist but not overlap.

If you saw me (well, my body?). Would you think I’m skinny, average, or chubby?
How long should it take me to lose 10 pounds? If I eat well, and do 30 Day Slimdown (basically it’s a month of Jillian Michael’s dvds with a few break days)?

*If you want best answer; please answer all the questionss.

Jane answers:

Ya,, I would say you look medium size frame built.

Plus, If I was you I would not try to loose any weight.

Much better, for you if you just tighten what you have up.

Just work out a bit, not to loose weight, but to ton your body.

Sorry new to eng

Ruth asks…

I need to lose at least 90 lbs. Am in no rush whatsoever. Help?

Hello everybody. I am currently at 5’7″ and 210 lbs.
I have been large my whole life and am looking for a good way to loose some weight.
I am not looking for a 2 month slimdown but rather, a healthy slimdown in which i see some sort of results.

I am in school for 7 hours a day– so i cannot go in with the ” little meals throughout the day” regimine. I Eat 3 meals a day and my school lunches ( we can’t bring our own lunch) is usually high in fat.
What is an effective way of excersize that will keep me interested and motovated?
What are some healthy choices for breakfast and what are some techniques for lunch and dinner?

This is a serious question and i would love some feedback

Thank you

Jane answers:

If you can’t bring your lunch, try to bring snacks to school you can eat between classes so you aren’t starving by lunch time and you don’t eat a lot of the higher fat food. When at home, focus on lean protein and greens…you need to make sure to get protein to keep your energy up. You seem to be approaching things healthily, good for you! I highly recommend Weight Watchers, you can join online if you don’t want to go to group meetings and it’s reasonably priced and teaches you how to deal with portion control.

Also, for exercise, I really recommend boot camp workouts. In fact, I recently wrote a blog post on them. They are a great way to lose weight and gain muscle in a shorter workout. I hope this helps!


Mary asks…

I need to know if this is correct. I had to put the correct fallacy to the statements.?

1.We can recognize that athletes that participate in sports must be given special consideration within our grading system, or we can let the university sink into athletic oblivion. Appeal to ignorance

2.I don’t know what colleges are teaching these days! I have just received a letter of application from a young man who graduated from the state university last June. It was a wretched letter–badly written, with elementary errors in spelling, punctuation, and grammar. The state university does not deserve the tax support that it is getting. Affirming the consequent

3.All right-thinking people will support the Board of Education’s decision to destroy novels in the school libraries that are offensive to the moral standards of the community. If there were an epidemic of typhoid, the health authorities would be expected to do everything in their power to wipe it out. Pornography is worse than typhoid, since it corrupts the minds and morals of the young, not just their bodies. The school board is to be applauded for their prompt action in wiping out this moral disease. Division

4.Despite endless efforts, no one has been able to prove that God exists; we may just as well stop trying and accept the truth: there is no God. composition

5.Alicia started gaining more weight than ever when she started taking Slimdown; the stuff must be fattening! equivocation

6.No sensible person would support the Equal Rights Amendment. If it were to pass, we would have women in combat and unisex bathrooms. Eventually, we would not even be able to tell the women from the men! Straw man

Jane answers:

I’m not sure of the scope of your course, so some of this may or may not fit in with what was taught in your class. I’ve given what I believe are the correct answers for the first three with links. Good luck.

1. “Association Fallacy” or “Appeal to Emotion”

2. Faulty generalization

3.appeal to consequences


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