10 Ways to Slim Down In Just One Week

Do you ever feel that sometimes you just want to scream! Especially when all you will need to do slim down the bit, you look yourself in the mirror and think to yourself how did I let things get so out of control? Well, maybe there are too many answers to that question. But then again, there just might be an easy answer for a quick slim down and it could be staring you right in the face.

This isn’t some crazy new diet scheme. You don’t need to buy any pills, powders or shakes. It’s just some common sense advice about making a change. That you want!

What’s the best way to reach your slim down goal? Make a plan! That’s all what I’m asking you to do. Take the next seven days and develop your plan for your slim down and change. I have some tips here and there (I’m even going to do it with you), but for the most part, it’s up to you.

Why do diets fail, when all you need to do is to slim down a little? If we look around, we will find many diet and exercise plans and of course they all claim to be the latest thing! So here are my tips for you to get you started.

1: Make a commitment to yourself – Decide that this is really something you want to do for you, then forget about any and all previous attempts you have made to slim down.

2: List your reasons – Write down at least five reasons why you want to shape up. They can be whatever you want but really think about it. Imagine your perfect shape!

3: Start to drink more water – Don’t overdo it, but very few of us drink the recommended 8 cups a day. It sounds like a lot but remember we’re talking cups (8oz.) not glasses. The average bottle of water is 16oz, or 2 cups!

4: Start a food journal – Write down everything, and I mean everything, include notes about how you’re feeling or what’s going on (are you bored or is it a hectic day of rushing from place to place). Start today!

5: Plan your slim down exercise into your day – Think about how you can be more active each day. Is it taking 30 minutes for yourself or just making everyday tasks (like playing with your kids) more vigorous! Make a plan, write it down!

6: Get a good set of scales – Get a good scale, if you can afford it look for a model that measures body fat.

7: Make sure you set realistic slim down goals – Determine a healthy weight (WebMD has a great chart) and set a goal (no more than 20lbs to start). The most you should plan to lose per week is 2-3 lbs. That will most likely take two to three months at which time you can re-evaluate your plan or set a new goal.

8: Plan what you are going to eat – Think about what you want to eliminate and what you want to eat more of. If you need help the US Dept of Agriculture has a site where you can get a personalized food pyramid.

9: Get organized in the kitchen – Segregate all of the foods that you are going to stop eating (either finish or trash them by the end of the week). Have a food scale and measuring cups handy, they help with learning to visualize portion size.

10:  Go shopping – Make a grocery list and don’t go on an empty stomach. Remember, if you don’t buy it it won’t be in the pantry to tempt you. Bring your list of shape up reasons for support!


Start today with your slim down commitment to yourself & food journal and in seven days you’ll be ready to embark on the journey to a healthier you!

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  1. Hi, I read your blogs daily. Your story-telling style is
    witty, keep doing what you’re doing!

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